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Yellow Cottage Duplex

Inn/Lodge/Retreat Center

Yellow Cottage Duplex


Red Cottage Duplex

Inn/Lodge/Retreat Center

Yellow Cottage Duplex


Inn/Lodge/Retreat Center

Inn/Lodge/Retreat Center

Inn/Lodge/Retreat Center

Our Story

Hello from Patsy and Becky!

Peak Mountain Cottages is on a 300 acre farm that has been in the family since 1960.   It started with just the yellow cottage duplex rented to retirees escaping the Florida heat many years ago. The farm was in the middle of nowhere and nothing fancy at all.   The temperate climate and diverse eco-system were well kept secrets!   Although times have changed, we'd still love to share this farm experience with you!  And the best part is, you can enjoy the farm without the responsibilities!

As the years passed, the original family home, the 1920's style red cottage, was also renovated into a duplex as we moved up the mountain to the cabin and what became the Inn/Lodge/Retreat Center. (We really can't decide what to call it because it is all those things.) 

The cabin was an authentic 2 room poplar log cabin with just a fireplace for heat and although there was running water in the kitchen, it still had an outhouse.  The logs were rotted and had to be torn out.  It's now brick, but we saved the beautiful original stone fireplace, chimney, and the real hardwood floors...added rooms, dug out a basement, put in a LOT of plumbing, and upgraded electrical.  It now sleeps about 25 people so we really hope to see you soon!

Although we live in this large building, it was built with a purpose.  The late David Covington, Jr.  had wanted to build a place that people could visit and find solace from the world, a sort of mission.  Today, it is used for many things from all kinds of group retreats, summer camps, family reunions, or individual room rentals. 

Now really about us....

If you like to stay active, this is the place to be...enjoying the fresh mountain air.  Or if you'd rather sit back and just enjoy the atmosphere, this is still the place to be!  Help is never far away.  We personally look after the property and are available to assist you if needed. The farm and cottages are only about a half mile off the US Highway so access is not hard either.  

Patsy (Mom) originally from Wisconsin dairy country is a mother of 2 and grandmother of 3.  She is retired from Baxter Laboratories where she worked as a  quality control technician for hospital IV solutions.  She also operated a children's outdoor summer adventure camp on the property for a number of years in the 1960's and '70's.  This is when the pond and the horseback riding arena were built. 

Patsy can usually be found out and about on the property mowing, gardening, or tending something.  Or you'll find her at the lodge with a cup of coffee.  That's if you don't find her on the roof cleaning the gutters.  Mom!  Get down from there!  She's a real go getter.

Becky was born and raised in North Carolina.  She's a mother of 3.  She's a licensed real estate agent and the owner of Blue Ridge Horse Adventures, Inc.  She carries on the tradition of summer camps, mostly day camps now, and retreats for grown ups too.  She's survived raising 3 teenagers and loves to hike, take care of the animals, garden, and generally do just about anything outside.  You'll find her mowing, grading the road, gardening, or teaching about horses. She tries to keep up with Patsy!   She is knowledgeable about the property and the area.  

And if you're thinking about relocating to the area, be sure to ask Becky.  Although the farm is NOT for sale, she will be happy to assist you in finding your very own mountain home in the area!

We both hope you'll come for a visit or a stay and enjoy Peak Mountain Cottages and Retreat as much as we do.  It's our "Narnia", our Enchanted Forest.  Enjoy your stay!